19th Nov 2021

For all-over exterior protection with a low-sheen finish, Plascon Wall & All is unrivalled. And now this superior product comes with an impressive 15-year guarantee!

Engineered for exterior use, Wall & All truly lives up to its name. It’s not just for your walls. This versatile coating can be applied to suitably primed new and previously painted plaster, concrete, wood and various building boards, and to suitably primed mild steel, galvanised steel and gypsum plaster.

Plascon Wall & All has been specified by leading architects for over 30 years due to its exceptional exterior durability and dirt resistance.  This makes Plascon Wall & All the default choice in exterior protection.

This pure acrylic emulsion (with no added lead) is alkali and water resistant. It provides a fantastic spread rate of 12 square metres per litre.  This means that Plascon Wall & All goes even further, reducing the need for multiple coats that inferior quality paints require.  It also boasts two times the spread rate of textured paints!

The Hero Ingredient is what makes Plascon Wall & All such a powerful product. It has a Unique Dirt Barrier formulation with unrivalled polymer chemistry for the ultimate protection against dirt. This helps to keep its attractive low sheen finish looking as good as the day you painted it!

As an industry leader, Plascon stands by its promise of quality, which is backed by scientific research and development.  That’s why the guarantee on Plascon Wall & All has now been extended from 12 years to a 15 Year Quality Guarantee.

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With its unmatched dirt, stain, water and fade resistance, Plascon Wall & All will keep your walls beautiful for years, and years…