14th Jul 2019

When a primer and a topcoat, or multiple coats of paint, have been applied to a surface, the paint film may begin to peel in some or all layers due to poor adhesion.
  • Moisture seeping through unsealed joints, worn sealant, or leaks in roof or walls.
  • Excess moisture escaping through the exterior walls (more likely if paint is solvent-based).
  • Inadequate surface preparation.
  • Using a lower-quality paint.
  • Applying a solvent-based paint over a wet surface.
  • The earlier blistering of the paint.

Identify and eliminate the source of the moisture. Then prepare the surface by removing all loose paint with scraper or stiff wire brush, sand any rough edges, and apply an appropriate primer. Repaint the surface with a top-quality acrylic water-based exterior paint to ensure maximum adhesion and water resistance.

Source: Plascon.com