19th Feb 2021

Plascon Micatex is the iconic paint brand in South and Southern Africa. Known for its superior ‘strength and stretch’ protection, Plascon Micatex is the trusted exterior brand of choice for consumers, contractors and architects that have specified Plascon Micatex for more than 50 years.

Over time consumer needs have evolved to demand greater protection from exterior coatings, and so has the technology and performance of Plascon Micatex. We are extremely proud to launch New Plascon Micatex with Polycell, the only paint in the world that contains Polycell. With built-in Polycell you can be sure that all hairline cracks will be covered giving your walls that just-painted look for longer. New Plascon Micatex with Polycell is now even stronger, with a paint coating that is 2 times thicker than conventional paints making it the unrivalled leader in strength and protection!

South Africans are known for their incredible strength, their unflinching determination and, of course, a healthy dose of humour to make the tough times more bearable.

That is why, for the launch of NEW Plascon Micatex with Polycell we want to honour the strength in You and in every South African– and thus our campaign “Inspired by the Strength of South African”

Under the hashtag #SouthAfricanStrong, Plascon Micatex is inviting the nation to join us on a mission to share, gather and celebrate South African strength all over the Internet.

From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the unique SouthAfricanStrong.com platform, Plascon Micatex is enabling South African voices to paint their unique picture of strength by sharing ‘strongs’ (messages of encouragement).

Join the movement today using #SouthAfricanStrong or go to www.SouthAfricanStrong.com

Together we can all paint South Africa strong with New Plascon Micatex with Polycell.

Source: Plascon