03rd May 2021

Fool the eye with these space-illusion colours to enlarge small rooms

Are you looking for workable colour schemes for a small room? Look no further! Adding colour is the best and most cost-effective way of giving a teensy weensy area an instant facelift, and if the right paint is chosen for the job, you can even make a small room look larger.

We’ve rounded up five surprising colour scheme options that work no matter how tiny a room is – other than white!

Matt vs. Sheen

Before we start, we’d like to touch on choosing a paint finish. Whether you go with matt, sheen, or something in-between, paint finish plays a part in creating the illusion of space.

Many believe that small rooms do best with high sheen paint. That’s because glossier sheens reflect more light than matt paints. And yes, you guessed it, more light creates the illusion of more space.

However, there are exceptions!

A matte paint gives walls a luxurious, velvety finish, hides imperfections in the painted surface, and works well in rooms with direct sunlight. Matte finishes can be perfect for small studies, home libraries, formal dining rooms, or other small spaces where a luxurious appearance is essential.

At the end of the day, whether you choose matt or sheen for a small room will depend entirely on your preference.

3 Tricks of the Trade

We’re just about to give you some tremendous space-enhancing paint colour schemes, but we thought we’d also throw in a few hacks on how to make small rooms look bigger. You’ll thank us for them later.

  1. Paint the ceiling, trim, and doors white to give the impression of space.
  2. After you’ve painted the walls, hang large mirrors in the room, which will visually double the space.
  3. Please don’t choose a neutral colour that is too muted as it might make your room look even smaller.

Colour Schemes for Small Rooms

White will always win hands-down when it comes to colour shades that create the illusion of space. But an all-white room can be downright dull. Yes, classic “white box syndrome” is a thing (aka – a sad white room with no personality).

With that said, here are a few colour schemes that work for small spaces and are anything but “sad”.

Colour Scheme: Mystic Copper & Easy Living White

Incorporating Plascon’s Easy Living White Matt (ELM1) with an impactful hue like Mystic Copper (O3-C1-1) can turn drab into fab.

Copper works perfectly with fresh white walls and brings balance when paired with wooden furniture. You can also incorporate copper on light fixtures or cabinet handles for an instant touch of shine.

Colour Scheme: Crystal Ball, Slightly Coral & Light Grey Aluminium

If you love nature, this colour combination of Crystal Ball (G5-E2-3), Slightly Coral (R6-A1-4), and Light Grey Aluminium (ALY03) will have you falling instantly in love with your coastal-inspired room.

Crystal Ball is a medium-light shade of cyan comprised of 54.9% red, 72.16% green, and 72.16% blue. Interior designers love this colour’s versatility as it works so well with two other calming and welcoming shades – Slightly Coral and Light Grey Aluminium.

Slightly Coral is a pink-orange that evokes images of the ocean floor and a vibrant seabed filled with coral.

While it may be hard imagining such a warm and zesty shade in a small room, Slightly Coral pairs beautifully with Crystal Ball and Light Grey Aluminium, complimenting the slight tint of pink found in Light Grey Aluminium.

Colour Scheme: Turquoise Sky & French Chartreuse

Turquoise Sky (G7-A2-1) combined with shades of golden yellow work beautifully together and create a touch of glamour to small rooms.

This popular colour scheme trend never seems to go out of style.

Turquoise Sky and French Chartreuse (Y5-D2-3) – named because it resembles the colour of a French liqueur – as an accent colour can create an earthy and rich look. Without abrupt shifts from light to dark, a room will look spacious and serene.

Colour Scheme: White with Passion Red or Triumph Blue

Here’s something you might not know: If done right, white with red or blue can be a winning colour combination for offbeat and contemporary small rooms.

We suggest using Passion Red (101) or Triumph Blue (B2-A1-1) on accent walls and even windowsills. When intense hues mix with light shades, a small room looks more spacious because it becomes increasingly pleasing to the eye.

Colour Schemes: Spice Bounty, Spice Cookie, Spiced Cinnamon, or Pumpkin Spice

There is an organic and earthy sensuality about a rustic-styled room that naturally contrasts the light with dark. When we say rustic, we tend to visualise lots of wood. That’s because wood is a natural material known for its striking features, but your colour scheme can also create a rustic feel.

If you think a colour scheme of spicy shades may be overwhelming in small spaces, think again.

In reality, spicy colours like Spice Bounty (O1-B1-2), Spice Cookie (O7-C2-1), Spiced Cinnamon (O4-C1-1), or Pumpkin Spice (O3-C2-1) work well in any size room.

Final Thought

All the above colours are part of the exclusive range of Easy Living Paints by Plascon. If you’re still unsure which colour scheme option to use in a small room, scroll through Pinterest for more ideas, or log onto Plascon’s website and have a look at their colour wheel.

Remember, don’t be tempted to choose a colour just because it makes your room look larger. Choose a colour that you love, and make that colour work!

Your goal is to find a paint colour that makes your small space look fabulous.

Finally, you can also head down to your local Paint Club or Plascon Paint Expert store and ask for some smaller paint pots of colours that you think you could work in your small room. Try them on your walls before you make your final decision.  To find a store near you visit our FIND A MEMBER page.