08th Jan 2021

The last few years have been fifty shades of grey from Phantom Ship 60 to Nomadic Dream 56. The turn of the decade sees a resurgence and renewed
approach to colours on the horizon. This year, the colour palettes that we have curated will make you feel the escapism and joy we have been longing for
from the chaos of everyday life.

Ease into the year with raw yet refined décor, a refreshed nostalgia and some layered and textured pieces. Think back to a time when imperfections were revered, harmonious colours were celebrated and uneven spaces were sought after. This month it’s all about an effervescent moment in your life, it’s capturing the feeling of ease mixed with a slight breeze on a cool summer’s day. Get inspired by both the beauty and the unpredictability of nature with modern Mellow Bohemian.

Bring in hints of outdoors into your living areas with shades of greens, mustards and pinks. This uplifting trend is a joyous celebration of nature. Greens have a more muted and vegetable-like tone, which is why bringing nature-inspired pieces into your home gives you the feeling of comfort and serenity!

This trend will transport you from your frenetic everyday life to a soothing and calm space. Envelop yourself in the true art of escapism with this season’s trend and be sure to follow our blog posts for more inspiration!

Source: Plascon