The Van Lochem Iron Business’s roots go back to 1847 in Aalten, The Netherlands on the German border. Horsemen from all over, crossed the border to let their horses’ hooves be hammered by the wellknown farrier. This business expanded and was transformed into an Iron monger’s shop, which still has a branch on a prominent spot in Aalten today. After The 2nd World War, in 1948 Mr. Herman Van Lochem senior, his wife and 4 children immigrated to South-Africa, where another 2 children were born. Mr. Herman Van Lochem, at that stage an electrical contractor, started the business in 1961. A variety of products were supplied to the public – toys, records, bicycles and a lot more! Since 1961 it was a family concern with Herman Van Lochem senior and his oldest son Gert Van Lochem. Herman Van Lochem junior joined the business in 1971. Systematically the core business started to become Paint and Hardware. In 1987 the shop at Hatfield Galleries, situated between Schalk Vorster’s Sport shop and the Ding Dong restaurant, was only 89 sq m. in size. From the Galleries Hi-lite moved to the premises of the Old Saambou for 5 years. In 1993 Herman Van Lochem junior acquired the property opposite the Old Saambou. A building was constructed. Hi-lite Paint and Hardware moved there and can still be found there today. The premise is 900 sq.m. in size with 18 employees of whom a lot are family, in-laws and friends of the family. After 57 years our first priority is still to aspire friendliness, trustworthiness, uniqueness and quality service, which is relationship driven. We at Hi-lite appreciate your support and invite you, if you haven’t visited us before and have a need for personal, diligent service.

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1093 Burnett Street, Pretoria, Gauteng 0028