2021 Hot Summer Colour Trends - Plascon Paint Expert

Plascons's new summer colour palette, "High Frequency" is the cool glass of lemonade you need to celebrate summer.
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Plascon Endless Hope Colour Story

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If colour was a feeling then the Plascon spring colour palette Endless Hope would be the feel of a cool breeze as it caresses your face.


View a selection of colours from Plascon's Sunset Shadows Colour Story. This palette allows the power of nature to inspire us.

Mulberry Leaf #favouritehue2020

Not only are we craving new ways to go green in our everyday lives, but we are loving the deeper and vegetable tones of this colour.

The Link Between Colour Therapy, Chakras and Your Decor

Are you feeling tired and rundown? A change of colour scheme in your home or workplace may just be the therapy that you need.

Choosing the Best Colour Combinations for Your Home

Colour is so important - it has the power to change the mood in the room, it can be restful and cosy, or loud and energizing.

Babies Rooms & Nurseries, The Best Colours Ideas

Something to think about when selecting your paint colours or wall paper, is the significance colours have on our body and mind. Each colour has an affect on us whether we like the colour or not.
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DIY Painting 101: Paint Club’s Guide

So you've found your perfect paint colours and you're one step closer to a beautiful room. Now comes the fun part!

Bauhaus 100 – the Rise of Modernism Colour ideas

As Bauhaus celebrates it’s centenary year I find myself intrigued by the major influence it has had on Modern and Contemporary Design.

What the Colour Terms Mean?

What the colour terms; hue, chroma, tint, shade, monochromatic and complementary mean?

The Therapeutic Qualities of Gold Versus Silver Paints

Gold and silver add sparkle and interest to any décor scheme, but in addition to their beauty, they can also increase the flow of energy in the home and have a positive influence on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Five Ways to Decorating a Mindful Space with Night’s Cloak

Clearly calming! The deep indigo blue brings this arrangement of décor accessories to life creating a soft, minimal effect.