07th Jan 2019

Fashion and Decor

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017-2018 has just come to an end and what’s evident this season is that while comfort is important, fashion is still about having fun with colour and glamour. The same can said about our homes, comfort is important but we should have fun with colour and make our homes authentic and reflect our individual style. And, it’s easy to have fun with the multitude of colours and trends to choose from.

Here are 8 colours from the catwalk that look just as good on walls as they do on the models. All the paint colours are from the Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast.


The Hermés show is known for exceptional craftsmanship and quality, the show reflected carefully considered colours making classics relevant. This earthy natural has a soothing feel when painted on a wall. The colour is In the Mood 06-E2-3 Plascon’s Colour of the Year 2017.


A great alternative to grey, there was lots of purple to be seen on the runways. The paint colour is a luxurious, blackened purple called Vancouver Dusk P2-D1-2 from Plascon, If you look closely you will see that the wall is painted in a gradient banded design, with Vancouver Dusk on the dado providing an anchor to the lighter bands of neutrals above.

Peachy Pink

Comforting cosmetic shades are timeless and elegant, these colours also have a gentle and calming effect. In the bedroom below, blending two paint colours; Morning Clay and Petite and Perfect from Plascon creates a modern and elegant look in this bedroom.


Red was another colour that featured a lot on the runways, not surprising as it reflects the energy and passion that is evident in society at the moment.Use glossy red in the kitchen to create some excitement and drama.


No collection inspired by nature would be complete without the inclusion of green and all shades of green could be seen on the catwalk, including forest greens and bright lime greens. The colour painted on the wall is Plascon Ridge G5-E1-3 and the colour on the wardrobe is Kiwi Salad Y7-A1-2


One of my favourite designers Issey Miyake’s fall show was breath taking. Always innovative, the collection included exquisite colours using yarn that changed colour, a range with colours inspired by the Northern Lights and never before seen fabrics. Do yourself a favour and check out the entire show. The beautiful blue below translates well onto walls, this is Windblown B6-B1-2, a great colour for a bedroom or study as shown here. Shades of brown ground the scheme and add warmth to the blue

Winter White

A soft white without the glare, with neutral accents to create interest. The wall colour is Plascon Evening Mist 1


Last but not least. As the colour of hope and happiness, it is no wonder yellow was out in it’s full glory. You can see more on yellow and other autumn colours for your home in the Autumn Issue of Spaces magazine which goes on sale Monday 13th March

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