13th Dec 2021

Plascon and Plascon Paint Expert reveal their fresh and zesty summer colour palette for 2021:

High Frequency!

As the fresh and warm tones of Spring give way to the bright days of Summer, so this colour palette also ushers in the zesty and fresh new season. Plascon’s High Frequency summer colour palette is the cool glass of lemonade you need to celebrate summer.


Vivid Monet Magic (B3-A1-1) is a bright and powerful shade of blue that sends bolts of energy into your space.

The key colour in this palette is Lime Miss (Y6-A1-2), a fresh lime green taken from nature that is equal parts vitality and new beginnings, tying the colour palette back to nature and growth.

Off Shore (GRY03) is a slightly cooler neutral grey which beautifully complements the brighter hues of this palette.

Be Mine (R2-A2-1) – a pink that is brighter than a pastel without being strident, will engender a light-hearted feel to your space. It pairs beautifully with the neutrals in this palette and can help bring a sense of calm, good health and playfulness.

Balance these vibrant hues with French Chartreuse (Y5-D2-3), a neutral colour with an earthy undertone.  It takes on characteristics of other colours in the palette, and can be used to reinforce those influences.

The Power of Colour

The power of colour lies not so much in specific hues, but in how colours are used to evoke particular responses. The fresh colours of the Plascon summer palette are not restrictive and can be combined to cater to individual needs with a mixture of playful warm, neutral, cool and grey colours to be used at will.

All these colours are tintable into the Plascon product of your choice. Shop at any Paint Club and Plascon Paint Expert store nationwide and get expert advice on colours and products for your next DIY project. Find the store nearest you by visiting Find a Member.

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